Top 5 Best Dog Dental Water Additives

Updated: Nov 28th, 2022

Every dog owner knows that dogs love belly rubs and licking your face. But the smell of their breath can be really horrible. So, I got my dog a toothpaste and brush. 

Have you ever tried brushing a 66-pound Retriever with teeth the size of scissors? It was near impossible, and this resistance continued every session. I later discovered other options for a dog’s oral hygiene — dental gel and water additives.

Water additives turned out to be the easiest. All I had to do was put 2 tablespoons in the water bowl, and voila!  Using dental gel was similar to the brushing incident. The next task was finding the perfect water additive mouthwash for my dog. So, I took to the market and bought many of the brands I had seen highly recommended on the internet. Here are the 5 best dog mouthwashes that stood out for me.

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