Top 5 Best Dog Dental Water Additives

Updated: April 2nd, 2022

Every dog owner knows that dogs love belly rubs and licking your face. But the smell of their breath can be really horrible. So, I got my dog a toothpaste and brush. 

Have you ever tried brushing a 66-pound Retriever with teeth the size of scissors? It was near impossible, and this resistance continued every session. I later discovered other options for a dog’s oral hygiene — dental gel and water additives.

Water additives turned out to be the easiest. All I had to do was put 2 tablespoons in the water bowl, and voila!  Using dental gel was similar to the brushing incident. The next task was finding the perfect water additive mouthwash for my dog. So, I took to the market and bought many of the brands I had seen highly recommended on the internet. Here are the 5 best dog mouthwashes that stood out for me.

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Why PawSafe Dog Mouthwash is My #1 Pick

This mouthwash from PawSafe Dog Mouthwash came through after many bad experiences with mouthwash. After a few failures, my dog and I had a couple of episodes with other brands. 

One of the mouthwash brands I tried gave my dog diarrhea that took quite some time and lots of visits to the vet before subsiding. After that incident, I became exceedingly cautious. Until one day, while discussing my frustrations with a vet, she suggested Pawsafe Mouthwash and reassured me that it was perfect for my dog. Of course, I was very skeptical and doubtful.

I started with 1 tablespoon and watched to see if anything would go wrong. After 5 hours, and my dog was still jumping around happily, I knew this was it! I have been using PawSafe for the past 6 months, and my dog has had none of those nasty reactions. And the breath? Constantly fresh and minty. Before I continue rambling about how good Paw Mouthwash is, here are some things that impressed me.

Easy to use

You fill your dog’s water bowl with clean water, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Pawsafe Dog mouthwash into it and watch your dog enjoy it. It was a lot easier than trying to brush her teeth or applying mouth gels.

Instant Fresh Breath


The combination of spearmint and peppermint gives your dog a fresh breath. In days, my dog’s breath improved, the stench subsided, and I wasn’t avoiding her anymore. The main ingredients in PawSafe include Sodium Bicarbonate which has been used to scrub and remove tartar and plaque for years. Potassium Sorbate strengthens the gums and the density of bone minerals in the teeth. Lastly, Sodium Benzoate is an effective plaque and bacteria deterrent. All of these compounds, along with the spearmint and peppermint touch, gives your dog a fresh breath.

White sparkling Teeth


The ability of PawSafe to thoroughly clean my dog’s teeth is amazing. Her teeth moved from brown to white without side effects in a few weeks.

Sensitive and Safe

Past experiences have shown me that many types of mouthwash contain harmful chemicals for dogs. After the first few products I tried with Skipper, I noticed chemical burns in her gum and the diarrhea incident. This shows that the products were too corrosive, which is unsafe to be ingested. I discontinued them and let her recover. Many dog owners also reported vomiting and reactions from their dogs when using other mouthwashes. Since introducing them to PawSafe, they have ceased to complain. PawSafe was gentle on my dog’s teeth and safe all around.


Many dog types of mouthwash claim to be alcohol-free, but very few are. I have come to trust PawSafe mouthwash because, from research, I discovered that they used plant-based products gotten from palm and coconut. This meant my dog was not ingesting harmful compounds in the name of mouthwash.

Impressive Return Policy


I was shocked when I got PawSafe and realized that they had a 90-day full-refund return policy even though I didn’t need it later on. Many of the previously used brands did not have a return or refund policy.

Colorless and Odorless

The only time Skippy avoids drinking her water is when she sees me adding the mouthwash into it. Apart from that, she drinks it with no hesitation. The water remains clear and doesn’t give off any odor. She would refuse other mouthwash brands because she could smell them in her water or taste them. I remember when she went for the whole day without touching her water bowl because of another mouthwash brand. With PawSafe, this doesn’t happen anymore. 

Saves Money on Dentists

I’m not advocating for skipping a dentist visit, but using PawSafe eliminates going for breath-related complaints or decaying tooth issues. I take her to the dentist for her regular check-ups, and she never has plaques growing in her teeth. Oral hygiene for dogs goes beyond bad breath and the growth of plaques and tartar. I have seen horrendous incidents of dogs having to pull teeth and being under anesthesia.

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"The best in market"

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