Top 5 Best Dog Harnesses and Leashes - Designed With Comfort And Security

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Walking dogs can be tricky. Some of them pull and walk faster than you, other dogs are easily triggered by other dogs and act out. If you’re using collars, the situation gets even worse. Tugging on the collars constantly can put significant pressure and cause pain in their delicate necks. I walk dogs, and the best solution I’ve found for keeping them in check safely is a dog harness.

With a dog harness, dogs are easier to control, but more importantly, they can breathe freely even when you have to pull. Over time, I’ve found that the dog harness is also the best way to train the dog to stop pulling. Needless to say, I want the best for my dogs, so I went out and bought the highest-rated dog harnesses and put them to test on my two dogs.

Before I tell you about which dog harness I picked for myself, here are the results of my month-long tests:

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Why PawSafe No-Pull Harness is the Best Dog Harness This Year

Many of the dog harnesses I tested had their own little problems. Some could only be used for a specific dog size, some were too close to the neck, and others didn’t have enough adjustment straps for a great fit. PawSafe is a near-perfect, no-pull harness that comes in various sizes to snugly fit your dog. I love that it is made from a breathable mesh fabric that keeps my dogs from being itchy. 

The PawSafe Harness has two front clips, a clasp, an excellent grip that lets me control my dog and train it against pulling and jumping. PawSafe takes the stress out of walking dogs and puts owners back in control. When my dogs are walking normally, I only use the back clip. The front clip on their chest automatically pulls them back if they pull, bring them back to my heel safely. Eventually, dogs with PawSafe harnesses learn to stay back and keep their pace since they can’t pull anymore.

Here are more reasons why I prefer PawSafe No-Pull Harness in more detail:

Safety and Comfort

One of the most frustrating things about walking dogs with collars is that you are constantly worrying if you are hurting your dog. PawSafe dog harness took all that worry away with its comfortable design that kept the dogs in mind. First, it is lightweight and features a breathable mesh, meaning your dogs will enjoy wearing them. Since it goes around the dog’s chest, it doesn’t strain their throats in any way. It also has sliders that allow me to protect my dog’s throat and straps to adjust it as it grows.

Best For Dog Control

As a pet owner, I understand the need to stay in control to keep my dog and me safe. Still, I don’t want to forcefully drag my furry beauties to keep them in check. Luckily, the PawSafe dog harness is a full-body harness that makes taking control of any dog much easier, regardless of size. If your dog pulls often, you can trust the front clips on their chest to restrain them immediately. I walk at least two dogs per time, and I can tell you that this is a must-have feature.

With the no-pull feature, most of my worries when walking dogs are alleviated.  The same applies to highly active dogs that want to go off in the wrong direction. It doesn’t take much to turn their attention back to me and bring them to my heel. 

Easy To Wear And Use

You don’t need a manual to use this dog harness. It uses a combination of straps and sliders to give you the flexibility you need. Once you unbuckle the chest straps, slide your dog’s neck through the neck opening, and lock the chest straps back up, you’re pretty much done. If it’s your first time, you might need to adjust the strap length to allow some breathing room. And you’re all done under a minute.

Perfect For Dogs of All Sizes

The number of sizes that PawSafe offers is a big plus. While other dog harnesses only have sizes for small and big dogs, PawSafe offers XS, S, M, L, XL sizes to fit all dogs. They go even further on their website, where you’ll find a chart to help you choose the right size for your dog. Once you have the harness, you can adjust it with any of its 4 straps to customize the fit to your dog. There is no chance for your dog to slip out or choke in this harness.

A Great Training Tool

Dogs can be a bit wayward when taking a stroll, although I don’t blame them. There are usually many distractions on the way that they haven’t been trained to ignore. Even if you’re not an expert, the PawSafe dog harness allows you to train your dogs effortlessly. Over time, mine learned to walk in line and also maintain their position despite distractions. I thoroughly recommend PawSafe as a training tool for dogs that would otherwise require a lot of pulling to train, like older and bigger dogs.


Instead of the retail price of $58.25, you can get the PawSafe dog harness for just $34.95 now. Luckily, you won’t have to pay more for larger dogs. I recommend using the size chart before placing an order.

Warranty, Delivery, and Money-back Guarantee

Suppose your dog and PawSafe aren’t a perfect fit. In that case, the company offers a generous 90-day grace period within which you can return the product for a full refund. All PawSafe products also have a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Basically, this is a safe purchase to make, and I recommend it!

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"The best on the market"

7, 135 Reviews

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