Top 5 Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

Updated: April 8th, 2022

Last year, I wanted a dog, so I adopted one from an animal shelter. I named her Lisa, and she has been with me ever since. However, one issue I have continued to face is getting the right food for her. 

You can relate to this very well if you have a picky eater dog. As I got busy, I still needed to find something for her to eat. So, I asked other dog owners how they shuffled dog care and work. The answer was simple – dog food delivery. I ordered from one of the recommended places, but Lisa couldn’t eat a lot out of it. I ordered from more places, and she either refused to eat at all or took a little.

Still, I persevered and made it a mission to find the perfect dog food delivery brand. Without further ado, here are my best 5 best dog food deliveries. They stood out for one thing or the other among over 20 brands that I tested.

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Why Nom Nom is my #1 pick

Before I adopted Lisa, the doctor at the shelter explained that she had Anorexia.  The vet doctor wrote specific prescriptions for me, including a dog food regimen. This prescription prompted my search for a dog food delivery that would help Lisa regain her shape. 

I tried several brands, but she didn’t like them until my friend suggested Nom Nom. I checked them out online, and the reviews were all praises. At first, I was doubtful if she would eat it. But when the food arrived, Lisa would finish her food and scramble for more. I observed that her health improved, and she was happier. Her poop was looking good too – not watery, no discharge. It was a prayer answered at the moment. Nom Nom offered Lisa food varieties so that she had options. The food was also fresh, not those stale dog food sold out there.

To give you a better insight, check out my reasons for endorsing Nom Nom as my #1 pick.

Natural, fresh and pre-portioned

Lisa was anorexic. So it was already difficult to get her to eat anything. According to the Veterinary doctor, she needed natural and fresh food. Nom Nom ticked the box for me. The dog food was prepared using only natural ingredients. I read this in the reviews online, and I verified it the moment my first order was delivered. The smell and look gave credence to the naturalness of the food ingredients. Nom Nom is also pre-portioned, so I was able to serve Lisa a portion per time to avoid wastage. 

I remember one time that I had to store up food for Lisa while I was going on a work trip. I refrigerated about five extra packs of Nom Nom. After I returned, Nom Nom remained fresh with a nice smell; after a week of refrigeration. This can only mean that the food ingredients were all-natural and free from chemicals. 

Custom-made food

Nom Nom isn’t just churning out food and hoping it meets your dog’s needs. Before I completed my order, I filled out a form where I answered questions about Lisa’s state and health condition. I gave them important details I received from the veterinary doctor. I believe they used the information to prepare a portion of quality food for Lisa. They also added varieties for her to eat and have a well-rounded diet. Little wonder, she was eating better and looking healthier just after two weeks of switching to feeding her with Nom Nom.

Flexible and Fast delivery

I was impressed by the flexible delivery schedule that Nom Nom affords. After my first delivery arrived, Nom Nom automatically established it as my delivery date. A couple of weeks ago, I was able to change it to suit my work trip far away from home. They granted my request and shifted the delivery date closer. This change helped me to store up food for Lisa before I embarked on my trip. 

Effective, expert-vetted food

When I was searching for a dog food delivery brand for Lisa, I needed more than just food that fills her stomach. I needed a food brand with experienced in-house nutritionists and vets to choose the right food servings and types. Many dog food delivery brands out there prepare food without the proper knowledge. All they do is mix up different food types, squeeze them into a can or plate, and sell them at ridiculous prices. Nom Nom exceeded my expectations in this area. The food was carefully prepared with her health condition in mind. Noone can understand dogs that well except an expert!

Pricing and discounts

I have seen comments online about how Nom Nom is pricey. I beg to disagree. Quality doesn’t come cheap. To be honest, I initially was also startled by the subscription prices, but they offer discounts to customers as incentives to lessen the cost. For example, Nom Nom gives a 50% discount on the price for the first two weeks of your subscription when you order on their website. This discount also comes with free shipping to anywhere in the US. Plus, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime. Additionally, Nom Nom offers coupons that customers can take advantage of to get additional discounts and save costs on dog food expenses. 

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"The best in market"

5,139 Reviews

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